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Aggressive Legal Defense For Clients Facing Sex Crimes Charges In Indiana

Almost nothing is more frightening or stressful than being accused of a sex offense. Whether the allegations involve an adult, a teen, or a child, suddenly you are in the crosshairs of a potentially life-changing event. In many cases, the allegations are based only on the word of the accuser, evidence may be weak or lacking, and yet your life has been irreparably damaged. Even your family members, friends, and co-workers may look at you with suspicion. These kinds of accusations can cost you your reputation, your marriage, your career, and subject you to the possibility of a lifetime of harmful consequences.

If you are facing accusations of a sex-related crime in Indiana or Northern Illinois, you need competent and tenacious legal help as soon as possible. You may be subjected to various law enforcement tactics designed to break you down for months before charges are even filed. Even your family may be interviewed as law enforcement seek to build their case against you. This is because of the heavy stigma that sex crime accusations carry and the often overly-aggressive methods that law enforcement take to achieve their ends. At The Region Lawyers, we understand the stress, fear, and confusion you are likely experiencing and we are here to fiercely advocate for you in the criminal justice system.

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Sex Crimes In Indiana

Sex crimes may be investigated and prosecuted at the state or federal level. They often rise to the federal level when they involve activities with minors.

Common sex offenses in Indiana include but are not limited to:

  • Rape, statutory rape, spousal rape, date rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Sexual conduct with a minor
  • Child solicitation
  • Vicarious sexual gratification
  • Sex offender registration violations
  • Public indecency

Felony Sex Crime Charges

The majority of these crimes are charged as felonies. They are based on lack of consent by the alleged victim. Penalties will be based on:

  • The nature of the offense
  • Whether it involved minors or persons without the ability to consent
  • Whether weapons, force, or threat of force were used
  • If injuries were inflicted

Sex crimes, such as sexual battery and rape, are also “aggravated” if the alleged victim was given drugs without his or her knowledge, leading to more serious felony charges and penalties.

What Is Sexual Battery?

Sexual battery consists of touching with the intent to arouse one’s own or another’s sexual desires or gratification. It is done through force or threat of force, when the alleged victim does not have the ability to consent, or when the alleged victim is unaware (such as when asleep). It is charged as a level 6 felony carrying six to 30 months of jail time and fines of up to $10,000.

Rape Charges In Indiana

Rape is a more serious crime because it involves the act of sexual intercourse with the alleged victim through force, threat of force, when the alleged victim cannot consent due to disability, or when the alleged victim is unaware of what is occurring (such as when passed out from alcohol or drugs). This is charged as a level 3 felony carrying three up to 16 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

Sex Offender Registration In Indiana

One of the most devastating aspects of sex crime charges is the potential for mandatory sex offender registration. Depending on the situation, you may face this requirement for 10 years up to life after you are released. Those who are labeled “sexually violent predators” or offenders against children are required to register for life. As part of your parole or probation, some individuals convicted of sex offenses may be restricted from certain activities by the court, such as living near schools. The registry itself only lists individuals who have been convicted of certain sex crimes for public access.

The Region Lawyers Will Fight For You

At our firm, we know that the stakes are incredibly high in sex crime allegations. We also know that these allegations can be based on false claims, exaggeration, half-truths, and outright lies often used for the benefit of the accuser. Our firm will conduct an exhaustive investigation into the accusations against you looking for inconsistencies, flaws, and other evidence that may work in your favor. We will tenaciously fight to limit overzealous and overly-aggressive tactics used by law enforcement that may violate your rights. Throughout all phases of your case, we will be by your side advocating on your behalf in pursuing your best possible outcome.

Book your free consultation with a sex crime defense lawyer online today. Based in Merrillville, we serve clients throughout Gary and The Region, as well as across Indiana and northern Illinois.