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A Dedicated Criminal Defense Team With More Than A Decade Of Experience

When it comes to a criminal charge, the experience and background of the attorney you choose matter more than ever. Being trial-tested can be the key to pursuing a favorable outcome, especially when the stakes are high and the penalties are severe. At The Region Lawyers, our background sets us apart. Our attorneys have more than 10 years of combined experience, including in both state and federal courts.

As a highly skilled team of trial-focused attorneys known for our thoughtful method of preparation, our tough and practiced oral arguments, and our dedicated representation, we understand how to help our clients through intimidating criminal charges. From federal jury trials involving high-stakes charges to other matters of criminal defense and post-conviction relief, we know how to help. We strive to make a difference in your life if you have been charged with a crime.

In-Demand Legal Representation In The Courtroom

Our lead attorney and founder, Mr. Russell W. Brown Jr., is notably a sought-after legal consultant. His trial experience is often referenced by other attorneys. He frequently serves as co-counsel in court, based on his expansive knowledge and understanding of criminal defense in many different areas. Attorney Brown was licensed in 2011 and since then has advocated for countless clients, helping them find favorable, satisfactory resolutions to their legal matters.

Our attorneys prioritize staying up to date with trial trends, technologies and tactics. We travel to seminars across the country to learn how other attorneys approach certain situations, what jury experts are finding, what new technologies are useful and more. By continuously learning, we strive to advance our skills and ultimately strengthen our litigation strategies.

Meet Our Legal Team

We work as a team to help our clients with their legal concerns and take pride in our accessible, responsive and communication-forward approach. When you work with us, you will be treated like a person and not just another case number from the moment you first call our office throughout the duration of our case. Read about our legal team below:

Let’s Get Started

If you’re facing criminal charges, from a felony to a misdemeanor, contact us. We offer free consultations to help serve you. Contact our responsive, attentive attorneys by calling 219-961-3814 or by using our contact form. Our office is based in Merrillville and we work with clients throughout Gary and The Region, as well as across the state of Indiana and northern Illinois.

Photo of the legal professionals of The Region Lawyers

Meet Our Legal Team

Experience You Can Depend On
Photo of attorney Russell W. Brown Jr. standing in front of firm sign

Russell W. Brown, Jr.

Founding Attorney
Photo of Joyce A. Williams working at desk

Joyce A. Williams

Legal Assistant
Photo of attorney Haley McCleary

Haley McCleary