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Understand The Severity Of Your Misdemeanor Or Felony Charge

Criminal charges, no matter how big or small they are, can come with significant consequences. However, to better understand those consequences, it’s essential to know the distinct levels of criminal charges, how courts and prosecutors determine them, and the punishments that can come with them.

Our lawyers at The Region Lawyers thoroughly understand the various levels of criminal charges you can face in Indiana and can help you fight vigorously to reduce or drop them.

The Two Main Types Of Criminal Charges

Your charge will likely either be a misdemeanor or a felony. Here’s a definition of both as well as the consequences that can come with them:

  • Misdemeanor charge: Misdemeanor charges are typically for less severe offenses. However, they can still come with strict punishments. Depending on your charge and the circumstances surrounding it, you could expect to pay up to $5000 in fines and spend one year in jail. Some examples of misdemeanor crimes in Indiana include marijuana possession, public intoxication, operating while intoxicated (OWI), driving under the influence (DUI), disorderly conduct and theft.
  • Felony charge: Felony charges are typically much more severe than misdemeanor charges in Indiana. Depending on the type of felony and the circumstances of your case, you could be fined up to $10,000 and face significant time in prison. Examples of felony crimes in Indiana can include drug trafficking, murder, rape, sexual abuse, aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter.

To better understand where your criminal charges fit, speak with one of our attorneys today by calling 219-961-3814.

Felony And Misdemeanor Charges FAQs

Here are some of the questions we get the most from our clients:

How Can I Get My Felony Charge Lowered In Indiana?

It typically depends on the type of crime and the severity of your felony charge. However, the state of Indiana can reduce certain Level 6 felony charges to a misdemeanor if defendants meet the appropriate requirements. Our lawyers can help you find out if you qualify.

Can Felony Charges Get Dropped In Indiana?

Under Indiana’s Second Chance law, most non-violent Level 6 felonies are eligible for expungement. Level 6 felonies are typically non-violent crimes like drug possession, drug paraphernalia, maintaining a common nuisance, and theft of merchandise valued at more than $750.

How Often Do Courts Drop Felony Charges?

While there isn’t any precise data on how often Indiana courts drop felony charges, a sizable percentage of criminal cases in Indiana never reach trial. A recent report from WRTV in Indianapolis shows that less than 5% of criminal cases go to trial. Depending on the circumstances, prosecutors may try to strike a deal with you by reducing your felony charges to a lower-level felony or a misdemeanor in exchange for a guilty plea.

How Long Can A Misdemeanor Stay On Your Record In Indiana?

Misdemeanor charges in Indiana can leave a permanent mark on your criminal record. However, most misdemeanor convictions are eligible for expungement. Depending on the county, expungement proceedings can take a few months. It is important to understand that under Indiana’s Second Chance Law, you only get 1 expungement for your lifetime. Therefore, it is important to expunge all of your convictions at the same time.

How Long Can A Misdemeanor/Felony Charge Be Pending?

How long a criminal charge can remain pending can depend on the charges you face, the severity of those charges, and the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. One of our lawyers can give you a better understanding of your situation.

Our Attorneys At The Region Lawyers Are Here To Help

Understanding the type of criminal charge you face and its severity level is half the battle. You also need sound counsel who can offer a tailored defense strategy to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Schedule an initial consultation with us today by calling 219-961-3814 or completing our contact form.