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Fighting For The Relief You Seek After A Conviction

A criminal conviction can be a devastating event for anyone who has been through a trial. For some, it may only mean a probation period along with fines and court costs. For others, however, it can lead to years of incarceration, heavy fines, lengthy probation, and other court-ordered sanctions. In some cases, you may believe that you have been wrongly convicted and that the proceedings of the trial court were unfair and/or the actions of your original attorney were flawed. In any conviction, no matter how it was done, it is important to remember that your conviction is not always the end of the line. Post-conviction relief is an area of law that can alter the outcome of the trial court’s ruling.

At The Region Lawyers, our skilled post-conviction relief attorneys bring more than a decade of experience in handling jury trials, appeals, and other post-conviction relief proceedings. We understand that when you are facing harsh, long-term penalties that the stakes are high and that the criminal justice system does not always get things right. We can provide the representation you need to determine how best to proceed in pursuit of the relief you need, whether that is seeking a new trial, an appeal, or a sentence modification.

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What Is Post-Conviction Relief?

In a post-conviction relief proceeding, you are typically filing a petition with the court to set aside a conviction.

You are claiming that your constitutional rights were violated and thus you are entitled to a new trial based on the following factors:

  • Basic legal errors. These were made by the court or the prosecutor that were so fundamental that they resulted in an unfair trial.
  • Inefficient counsel. Your attorney make mistakes and poorly represented you.
  • Newly discovered evidence has been found that would have changed the results of the trial.

Errors and omissions such as these can prove to be very prejudicial in affecting the outcome of your case and thus impact your rights, livelihood, and future. Our firm will make a thorough examination and analysis of the court records looking for these types of issues, investigate any newly-found evidence, and will build sound legal arguments to present to the court overseeing your petition.


Appeals are another form of post-conviction relief that The Region Lawyer can assist you with. In an appeal, you are not looking for a new trial. The Court of Appeals does not look at new evidence or retry cases. Instead, your appeals lawyer will present arguments and evidence as to errors that were made by the lower court in handling your case. The errors can consist of various issues, such as in the admission of certain evidence, granting or denying motions, or sentencing you unfairly or inappropriately.

Appeals are typically done through written briefs prepared by your attorney that present the errors and arguments on your behalf. The Court of Appeals will then make a ruling as to whether the mistakes claimed occurred and whether your case should be overturned or remanded back to the lower court.

Sentence Modifications

In some cases, sentence modifications can be achieved. This process can only be done where you have a good conduct record with the Department of Correction. Arguments as to why your sentence should be modified can be presented to the court and the prosecutor. These must be carefully crafted and convincing to give you the best chance of success.

Learn More About Your Options

For any post-conviction relief, you will need the services of an attorney who understands how the proceedings work and who can craft the best legal strategy for helping you achieve your goal. At The Region Lawyers, you can discuss your situation with an attorney who has been representing clients in these matters for years and who will put 100 percent effort into helping defend your rights and change your future in a positive way.

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