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Violating Probation Can Result In Harsh Penalties

Many people serve probation as part of a punishment for a crime. Because probation is often seen as a more lenient punishment, many judges and prosecutors punish probation violations harshly in order to send a message. That means violating a probation order carries serious consequences, though it may not initially seem like a major offense.

What qualifies as a probation violation? In Indiana, there are several actions that can put you at risk including:

  • Failing a drug test
  • Missing a required check-in
  • Violating area requirements (i.e., going outside the house, city limits or state)
  • Curfew violations
  • Being arrested or charged with another crime

All of these actions could result in even harsher punishments while serving probation, such as extended probation time, returning to jail or additional requirements like counseling or more intense probation regulations.

Do You Need An Attorney For This?

Accusations of violating probation have serious consequences, but an experienced attorney may be able to help you reduce them by challenging or fighting the accusations. If you violate your probation, are suspected of violating probation or are accused of some sort of violation, it is important to talk to your attorney about it as soon as possible.

At The Region Lawyers, we have experience helping people navigate probation violations and accusations. Our criminal defense attorneys have more than a decade of experience providing aggressive representation in both state and federal courts. When you face harsh consequences, we can help you avoid further jeopardy to your future while serving probation.

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